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60th Anniversary of the VR1000 launch

Keith Graham has just commented:-

This year marks the 60th anniversary of the launch of the Ampex VR1000. The Santa Clara (California) chapter of the IEEE, in conjunction with the San Francisco section of SMPTE unveiled a Historical Milestone plaque at Stanford University, where there is one of the first VR1000s on display.

Here is the link to a 30 minute documentary I made with footage of the event and reminiscences from people, including Fred Pfost, the last surviving member of the original development team.
Please forgive my “stealing” John Naull’s animation from the Christmas tape so many years ago.
You can find the video on YouTube here

(Keith is the originator of our photograph of the Ampex Sign)

Help Wanted

I’ve just had an inquiry from Steve Burgess, used to be in Studio Engineering, who has just acquired an Ampex Mk XX head assembly (AVR1, ACR25).

He wonders if anyone out there has a Mk XX test stand or access to a set of AVR1 or ACR25 manuals?

Anyone who can help/suggest a contact, drop me an email and I will pass it on to Steve.