Monthly Archiv: March, 2008

March 24th 2008

Our document archive is increasing by the day. I’ve just added Dave Braithwaite’s notes on the HS-100 from 1968. Like all paperwork in those days, it was produced in foolscap format, so the ‘modern’ version doesn’t look quite the same, as the original wouldn’t fit fully in my scanner! These old instructions and memos do provide a valuable historical record of the developments in the department, but I will not be scanning the Intersync manual by the way.

March 22nd 2008

I mentioned documents of interest a few days ago on this page and, today, I have added what is probably the definitive document on the art of videotape editing. It was written in May 1966 by Alan Watkins and marked the beginning of the departments editing service and the appointment of Engineers (Editing). It’s in Downloads and is entitled Principles & Practice of Video Tape Editing.



March 21st

The Martin family(!), who organise the annual Christmas Lunch at Surbiton and other events for Radio, now have a dedicated website at which has contact details and information on forthcoming events. Do pop over and have a look as their contribution to the continuing contact between ‘us oldies’ (and the newer retirees) is enormous. Do come to an event – you never know who you might meet!


March 18th 2008

We seem to be getting quite a few documents of interest. I have just added a pdf of a handout by Jeremy Brown on the AVR2 Time Base Corrector which is in the Downloads section. Also I have added a link (in Links) to a website that features vintage tape recorders including our much loved TR90. More documentation to follow in the next few days.