Monthly Archive: January, 2014

VT Tea

Peter Neill has just sent the following:-

Dear VT Old Boys,
A few of you will remember me – most won’t know me from Adam, but I worked in the VT Library as Mike Scott’s assistant for 6 months in 1964/65.
I then moved to tech ops and then the South East region where, 49 years later I still do the odd shift!
But VT was my first job and I always remember those few months with fondness.
A while ago a friend suggested the idea of a VT Tea mug and, after a couple of false starts I’ve found a supplier who can do a reasonable representation of the paper cup. It was intended as a one-off for myself, but a few people have expressed interest, so I thought I’d see how many were interested before placing a proper order.
They’re a bit bigger than the old paper cups, and I’m going to tweak the artwork so it fits better – and round the ornery of the BBC logo. Made of china and double-walled (so they can be held quite comfortably even with very hot contents) they come with a black (or possibly white) rubber lid and will work out at about £6 each (I don’t plan to make a profit on them).
If anyone is interested, please e-mail me at
Peter Neill (120454N)


Do you remember?

Normal Service Is Resumed

Everything that wasn’t should now be working.
Security Captchas for the Contacts are now fully functional and all the pictures should be back in Happenings.
As usual, if anyone finds anything missing, please let me know!