Monthly Archive: December, 2008

December 24th 2008

dougFirst of all, to all those of you of a ‘certain’ age…… MERRY CHRISTMAS VT! and, to everyone who doesn’t know the phrase, Happy Christmas and the very best for 2009! The picture opposite is from the “Blue Peter Book of Television”. It is part of a photograph of the Blue Peter presenters queuing for a cuppa in the Tea Bar outside TC3 (Red?). However, the face in the back of the queue is also very familiar – it’s Doug (Parsons). Quite a surprise and rather nice to have a shot of him – even if it is a bit grainy. The only other picture of him is a blurred frame in Alan Edgington’s 8mm filmof the area.

December 14th 2008

Thanks to Patrick Collins and Nigel Finnis, I think I should be able to fill in the missing bits of Arthur Dungate’s AP website that was salvaged in September. Also I hope to add more Lime Grove pictures in the new year.