Monthly Archiv: April, 2012

April 3rd 2012

I recently received an email from Simon Ellis who is involved in the disposal of TC contents(!).

“Currently undertaking mass disposal effort of redundant equipment currently languishing in tech stores throughout TVC. No real treasures -I have looked thoroughly! I have sent remaining 1”s to John Ireland and Mike Lambert at BFI Berkhamstead for spares/repair.
I intend to take more pics before destruction/part sale of TVC – need decent camera – not my phone this time!”

These are the photographs that Simon sent – a view that we never saw!



I suspect that the far corner is VT16, with VT14 & 12 nearest camera. Left hand wall is TX area 2. There’s a potential clue in a closeup of the sign over the door centre frame. (see below)



But I could be wrong…….