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Over 40 Years ago!

Ron Clark has just sent me these two documents which give a snapshot of daily life at TVC at the end of August 1975.
Many names and programme titles for the older Oldboys.

Firstly the Daily Duty Sheets for Friday 29th August 1975.


And the Studio Allocation Charts for Week 36.

Studio bookings


The pdfs that were here have been slowing things down a bit, and are now available in <Downloads>.

December 1961 Staff List

At last Thursday’s Television Recording Christmas Lunch I was given a document that may well be of interest to many of you – especially those of a ‘certain age. It’s the December 1961 Staff List.
1961 Staff List
This should have been posted yesterday, but the latest Windows 10 upgrade has created havoc here, and I’m only just able to handle graphics etc!!!

PS This will also go in the 1961 section on the main menu.

PPS. Pictures from the Christmas Lunch online by Monday.


What goes round……..

Keith Palmer (FR) recently gave John Warner a very old file marked A HE Tel Rec (takes you back – was that Tony Cheal?). Inside was a ‘fragile’ copy of the December 1936 Television Magazine. John scanned this, and, by the miracles of email and Adobe Acrobat Pro, we’ve produced a copy which you can find in Downloads.
However, the introductory page, reproduced here, passes a comment about the state of TV in 1936 that could be appropriate today!


Television Centre Planning Applications

Ian Wimsett has pointed me at the following Planning Applications to redevelop the TVC site which are now available for public viewing on the Hammersmith and Fulham website. There are already more than 400 documents available – the main applications are: 2013/02355/COMB and 2013/02356/LBC.

The ‘Design and Access statements’ are a good place to start and the ‘listed building assessment’ doc and associated photographic survey is interesting – 127 pages of photographs! It is much quicker to download the large docs than try to view them on-line. There are also a few decent historic plans and pictures spread about.

The text has quite a few errors including this about the basement:

The space below the Helios Courtyard was once storage space but, with the addition of a glazed roof structure replacing the grassed surface, the space is now an open plan office.

Thanks Ian – I’m sure many will be interested.

November 25th 2011

Along with the VT Block Diagram (November 24th entry), Geoff also sent me another document concerning the’infamous’ erasure of Handel’s Messiah around the same time. Apparently the department thought that it had been electronically edited (producing a /ED), and that these were the masters. But it had been cut edited by Roger White and, although edited, they were all that there was.

To read the newspaper clipping with greater ease, here is an enlargement.