Monthly Archiv: April, 2008

April 22nd 2008

Technicians-weekHaving forgotten to wish VERA a Happy Anniversary on Monday 14th (the 50th Anniversary of the Panorama Transmission), I have since applied myself to catching up with the photos I have been recently sent, and trying to tidy up some of the errors that have come to light on various pages – I must thank Howard once more for his input here.

I have added a News section to the 1960s and more course photos to ETD.

Chris Dymond has sent me the picture here – it might well bring a few smiles and remind Shift 1 VT folk of Edgie’s “Detweak” tests…..! Click the poster for a bigger picture.

I have also added a new page to Programmes, VT on TV, featuring stills and an excerpt (1’53”) from a film made by Peter Bruce about Match of the Day. I must apologise about the quality as it come to me via a devious route. If anyone has a good quality version, please let me know.