Monthly Archive: January, 2011

January 23rd 2011

Some month’s ago, following Bob Oakley’s “Story of Film Recording”, I threw down the challenge to some of the ex Telecine Oldboys to produce a similar thing.
Bill Tucker has now come up with two excellent pieces, “Bill Tucker at the BBC”, and “Life as a TK Operator“, both of which you will find in The 1960s.
(Additional detail supplied by John Crane, Lawford Thomas and Jim Tucker)

billBill, pictured right driving TK1 at Lime Grove, covers the years from 1951 to 1988, and the story overlaps nicely with Arthur Dungate’s Direct Television from Alexandra Palace, which you can find in The 1950s.


January 20th 2011

January 14th 2011

Norman Taylor RIP

More sad news, I’m afraid. I heard last night from Mike Bunting, via Brian Woodfield, that Norman Taylor died yesterday (January 13th) of a heart attack at Southampton Station.

January 7th 2011

January 6th 2011

January 1st 2011

Dave Devlin was watching the “Two Ronnies, the studio recordings” just before Christmas and spotted some shots of VT and TK in the titles. The material was shot around the late 70s, and I have grabbed a few stills. An edited version of the title sequence can be found in VT on TV just below the Dudley Moore and Peter Cook titles. Can anyone out there remember being part of the show?


Or, this VT engineer?












Were you the TK operator?













Anyone recognise the Sound Supervisor?











And, finally, any familiar faces in the gallery?













Along with the DVD of the programme, Dave sent this C Course exam paper he sat in June 1970 – apologies for the missing corner, but it is over 40 years old!!!