Monthly Archiv: October, 2021

Steve Preston RIP

Steve Preston passed away on 21st November 2020. He worked with me on LMVT4 at Kendal Ave Tel OB’s for a while as part of his training. We covered many OBs with one memorable one parked on the deck of the Ark Royal for a ‘Pebble Mill at One’ sailing around the Solent, where Steve almost managed to bring down a Harrier with a coffee pot lid.

Most of his training came from Roger White which was why he was soon promoted to VT Editor. He was the new generation who immediately took to the rapidly changing technology of not just electronic editing but all the special effects being made possible by digitisation. He was much requested by producers, especially for the ‘Music Item’ popular in most sport programmes and by pushing the barriers of what was possible in VT editing greatly enhanced the reputation of the BBC. Ian Rutter

“”It’s with great sadness that i have to tell you this, but i received a phone call a short while ago from Andy Jackson informing me that Steve Preston (OB VT editor extraordinaire) passed away earlier today, 21st November (2020)

Steve was a big influence on mine and many of the VT teams careers, he was a character larger than life – and certainly lived life to the full.

Sorry to bring you this sad news, but I thought you would appreciate knowing.                  
Dave Hume Telobians Organiser