Monthly Archiv: October, 2010

October 16th 2010

Gary Critcher has just sent me this picture of ….. Tape Servicing. Although for many of us this bears no relationship to our experience of Tape Servicing in the early days, it has prompted me to add a new section explaining the development of servicing tape which will most likely appear shortly as on offshoot of Hardware. The photo, featuring Gary and a load of kit(!) was taken in the Tape Servicing area in the Basement next door to VT Despatch. Gary reckons the date is around 1985.
As my experience of servicing was twenty years earlier(!) any additional information and pictures from over the years would be greatly appreciated – especially any technical notes about the machinery used, and locations for the area.



October 8th 2010

Information about Roger Harvey’s funeral has just come in from John Llewellyn.

“Roger’s funeral is on Friday 15th October, 09.40 at Kingston Crematorium. At the moment the plans are family only; no flowers. This might change. Cause of death was heart-failure. Please pass this information on and I will send further e-mails if I hear of any developments.”

John has a fairly vast distribution list and we will try and keep you up to date here as well.


Wrong Geoff! (see below) I’ve just received an email from Geoff Taylor (Shift 1 boss at the time) :-

“I was never one for keeping a detailed diary, but often jotted down the highlights of GMcDonough’s message from the day before, as relayed on audio cassette. For what it’s worth, on 31 October 1978, I find the entry “Editor:KP”. So the money’s on Ken Pimenta getting the job, unless someone knows better!”

Over to you Ken!!!

October 5th 2010

After the sad news of the past couple of months, Ian Williams has cheered me up a bit with this job advertisement from 1978 – I’m looking for a permanent home for it, most likely in Editing.
However, before that, does anyone out remember applying for that job? It closed on September 5th 1978.
As a memory jogger, this was shortly after the Commonwealth Games in Edmonton, Alberta – perhaps Geoff Higgs can recall the board – he was a boss then!


The two remembrances of RDH and Henry are now available in Recollections, along with further recollections of colleagues who are no longer with us.