Ian Andy Andrews RIP

Overnight I received the following sad news fromĀ Andre Ingram (BBC SCPD 1977 to 1996):

It is with great sadness that I bring the news of the passing of Ian Andy Andrews last night after a very short period of illness following a fall.
David , Ian’s son has asked me to say a few words at the funeral.
I have known Ian and David for 34 years and of that time whilst I was in SCPD telecine and later VT section he guided me and many others in his kind gentle manner.

I would like some possible reminiscences of other past BBC staff members.

Could you possibly send out an email asking people to contact me.
I will email you when I know the details of the funeral.


I’ll post further details as I receive them.

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  1. Andre INGRAM says:

    Funeral for Ian Andy Andrews will be held on Wednesday 17th February at 2pm at Hendon crematorium. If you have contact details for Chris Harding or Dave charlton please contact Andre on 07708237040

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