John Wilson RIP

The funeral and committal for John Wilson has been arranged for 11:30 on
Thursday 9 February at:-
St Mary’s Church,
HP17 8AH.

This will be followed by a reception at:-
Thame Barns Centre,
Church Road,
OX9 3AJ.

This is about ten minute’s drive from Haddenham, and there is plenty of parking at both places.
John’s wife Rosemarie says, ”I will be very pleased to welcome John’s BBC friends, I might even meet a few people who have just been names in the past”.

No flowers please, but if anybody would like to donate to a charity it can be done through the Funeral Directors (FJ Wilson, Greenway, Haddenham, Aylesbury, Bucks, HP17 8BJ) to one of the following:-
Florence Nightingale Hospice
Stoke Mandeville Hospital
Medecins Sans Frontieres
Or send it directly, or leave a donation at the church.

2 Comments to John Wilson RIP

  1. Ian Rutter says:

    There are many stories I could tell about John and our time on LMVT3, but as a tribute I can only say that he was the ideal mentor. He had an eye for how to construct a programme and how important it is to get the pace even.
    In his own early VT days, he had been taught by Roger White, and, in turn, passed this expertise on to me.

    I owe my BBC career to him.

    Ian Rutter

  2. Roger White says:

    John was a brilliant editor for actuality programmes. His decisiveness and enthusiasm was appreciated by anxious production staff who were always relieved to see it was John in control.

    Roger White

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