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  1. Mike Kohler says:

    Stewart and I were close friends for over 20 years, and colleagues at BBC VT shift 1, TVI, 4MC, Ascent Media and finally the BFI National Archive. I’ll miss him more than I can say. He was kind, supportive, funny, an engineering wizard, a walking encyclopaedia of film, television and music, and had the most fascinating mind. He taught me a great many things. R.I.P. dear Stewart.

  2. Rob Mansell says:

    Stewart, apart from my wife Vickie, was my closest friend. He probably didn’t know it, as we slowly drifted apart over the last fifteen years afternoon my career as an editor kicked in, eating my working week up and leaving weekends soley for my family. Plus moving away to Wales for a long time made it hard to see him. He was my Best Man and was the first person I properly befriended when moving to London, when I joined the BBC in 1991. I was booked in the Area 1 VT control room with him and we hit it off… I knew very little as a green trainee and he became my closest and longest friend, especially after he told me he heard a tremendous argument between me and Sam Baqui in Area 2 one day… and whole heartedly agreed with eveything I said to him, with great glee.
    We did some amazing things things together, the one I think of the most with fondest memory, was driving down Oxted high street with the windows of my Frontera down blasting out ‘gangsta style’ Demise Rousos’ Forever and Ever, in an hilariously ironic fashion. I didn’t realise he had passed away until yesterday and can honestly say he was an amazing friend and I will miss him tremendously, in the words of Demise Rouses… Forever and Ever.
    Rest in Peace Stewart.

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