June 1st 2008

Dave Rixon has found the missing page of his cartoon “Computer Catastrophes”. Afficianodos of Dave’s work can now see JV339 (John Vigar) utter the¬†immortal¬†phrase “Christ I’m screwed” (I have that in Russian somewhere!) and visit Chad’s Caravan Sales (sorry Chad). For those who haven’t looked at the cartoons, do so for they are not only funny but an inspired piece of social history (honest!).

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  1. Hi Folks. I’ve just got a teaching job in Sydney, the one in Australia. I have been looking for pics of the old days and now need a few for my classes. I just thought I touch base before too many more of you died. RIP Ray Johnson and Bob Dinsmore.

    I’ve still got a beard and still listen to Radio 3 – but my hair is somewhat shorter than in the cartoon. Thanks for the memories !

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