Familiar faces

Ian Norman sent me a video of a live transmission from VT on Saturday, March 14th 1981. He was the cameraman for Swap Shop (Ikegami HL79) – you can find the full version in The 1980s under Swap Shop and in Programmes under VT on TV.

Two instantly recognisable faces in the still above, Murray Needham & Mick Goodenough, but take a look at the still below.

The first still is of the hexaplexer desk, with Al Goddard driving VT10, but who is the editor on VT9 (updating Grandstand titles) and who is the Sports PA?

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  1. Mick Goodenough says:

    I thought I had the only copy of this – my “rabbit in the headlights” moment. Anyhow – Al Goddard was editing the titles on VT9 with Terry Bettles playing in. Alan Griffiths is the PA and there’s a brief glimpse in the background of Charles Balchin during Murray’s interview.

    Cheers Mick Goodenough

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