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December 4th 2009

You may notice a change in the appearance of the Visitor’s Counter on the main page/s. Mid afternoon today I had just finished uploading the pictures from yesterdays excellent Christmas Lunch at Surbiton, when I noticed that instead of the counter there was an error message. Further investigation that two counters had in fact died – both old cgi scripts. In the end I just replaced them, but we’ve lost the official visitor count, which was in the mid 66,000s. I have guessed at 66500 for the restart!!!

September 9th 2008

Ed Wooden has just reminded me that, for several of us, today marks the 45th Anniversary of joining the BBC at Wood Norton……

Also, I have just posted a new link in Links – doesn’t sound that exciting, but it marks the successful conclusion of a search that has taken Howard and I a couple of years or so! Visitors may remember that we had a link to a fascinating site by Arthur Dungate which chronicled his BBC career at AP and Lime Grove in TK and Film Dubbing. Some time ago I received emails reporting the link to his site as broken and, after emails and much searching, realised it had disappeared and all those memories with it.
A week ago John Dickenson passed onto Neil Pittaway the URL of an organisation who have been “archiving the internet”. A search there discovered the majority of Arthur’s website which I have downloaded and re-assembled as best I can.
Visit the link Memories of Alexandra Palace and have a look. Apologies for missing images, broken links and random formatting, but I felt the site was too valuable not to publish as it is. I shall return to tidying it up later on …… honest, Geoff….:-)

May 23rd 2008

A sad day for the VT Oldboys with the death of Don Kershaw who many of us knew and respected all our working lives and into the days of retirement. Neil Pittaway has written an appreciation which you can find from the main menu pages. Rest in peace Don.

April 22nd 2008

Technicians-weekHaving forgotten to wish VERA a Happy Anniversary on Monday 14th (the 50th Anniversary of the Panorama Transmission), I have since applied myself to catching up with the photos I have been recently sent, and trying to tidy up some of the errors that have come to light on various pages – I must thank Howard once more for his input here.

I have added a News section to the 1960s and more course photos to ETD.

Chris Dymond has sent me the picture here – it might well bring a few smiles and remind Shift 1 VT folk of Edgie’s “Detweak” tests…..! Click the poster for a bigger picture.

I have also added a new page to Programmes, VT on TV, featuring stills and an excerpt (1’53”) from a film made by Peter Bruce about Match of the Day. I must apologise about the quality as it come to me via a devious route. If anyone has a good quality version, please let me know.



December 20th 2007

May I wish all Oldboys and visitors a very “Merry Christmas, VT!”, and put on record my thanks to Howard Dell & Geoff Higgs for their stirling work in checking¬†(and finding)¬†errors and typos on the website. Also, a big thanks to all of you, worldwide, who have sent me stories, pictures, clips and reminiscences – without you there would be no oldboys website.

Those of you who are already members of the BBC Pensioners Association may have seen the reference to this website in the latest Newsletter. Nick Whines, who is the Association’s Secretary, has asked if I can point out the advantages of being a member, and to this end I have added a link to their website on the Links page.