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Alan Watkins RIP

I’ve just received the following email from Michael Watkins, Alan’s son:-

I’m very sorry to report the death of my father, Alan Watkins on Sunday 27th July 2014 after a short illness. My sister and I were at his bedside as he passed away peacefully.
I wonder if you would be happy to post a notice on your site and invite comments/memories from anyone who remembers working with him in the late 50’s/early 60s? I will try to include as many recollections as possible at the service.

Dad was a TV fan through and through, working for the BBC for 25 years until 1980, when he moved to help set up and run the National Film Archive’s brand new television recording unit, which I’m delighted to say has now recorded around 900,000 programmes for the nation.
He and I spoke numerous times about his work editing programmes for the BBC and he would often remark that this period, – especially after the move into the newly opened TV Centre – was the most fun of his career. He told me he edited Kiss Me Kate, the very first programme to be broadcast on BBC2 in 1964, along with numerous episodes of classics such as Dr Who, Play School and others.
Dad was a lover of television through and through. He had a lifelong passion for the craft, the production process and had within him a natural gift for what looked right – and wrong – on screen, along with a flair for precision, timing and the creation of the seamless edits nobody is supposed to consciously notice.
He was much loved and will be sorely missed

VT Tea

Peter Neill has just sent the following:-

Dear VT Old Boys,
A few of you will remember me – most won’t know me from Adam, but I worked in the VT Library as Mike Scott’s assistant for 6 months in 1964/65.
I then moved to tech ops and then the South East region where, 49 years later I still do the odd shift!
But VT was my first job and I always remember those few months with fondness.
A while ago a friend suggested the idea of a VT Tea mug and, after a couple of false starts I’ve found a supplier who can do a reasonable representation of the paper cup. It was intended as a one-off for myself, but a few people have expressed interest, so I thought I’d see how many were interested before placing a proper order.
They’re a bit bigger than the old paper cups, and I’m going to tweak the artwork so it fits better – and round the ornery of the BBC logo. Made of china and double-walled (so they can be held quite comfortably even with very hot contents) they come with a black (or possibly white) rubber lid and will work out at about £6 each (I don’t plan to make a profit on them).
If anyone is interested, please e-mail me at
Peter Neill (120454N)

Happy New Year

Happy New Year everyone!

Currently the contacts pages are unavailable as I am working on the security scripts – I thought it was all working, but, when I came to upload them – it wasn’t – also it seems that the pix in Happenings have vanished as well!

Happy New Year to me!

Christmas already?

Nick Martin has just updated the 40s & 50s Reunion website with details of the Tel Rec & Friends Christmas Lunch at Surbiton on Thursday, December 5th.

Also, don’t forget the next Oldboys Lunch at our new venue at Chorleywood on Thursday, September 19th. Emails have gone out to those on the list, but everyone is welcome. Full details in Future Events, and Howard would like to know if you are coming so he can give the pub an idea of numbers.
See you there!